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The Senegal Chamber Open for Business

Senegal Chamber of Commerce

Christophe Barrieres established the Senegal Chamber of Commerce with a vision to serve as a way of working collaboratively with partners across the U.S. government to deliver services designed to help companies and investors do business in the Senegal market and the Francophone African region. 

The overall focus of the Chamber is on increasing trade between Senegal and the world as well as promoting business opportunities, gaining access to new markets, and reducing trade barriers. Our business model enables us to support businesses and investors by lowering trade costs between Atlanta and the rest of the world. How do we do this? By helping entrepreneurs with challenging and overcoming trade barriers, which allows us to empower our members with tools needed for success, while operating in a business model that promotes cooperation not only between business owners but also and more importantly on the ground, among the communities where they operate. 

Knowing that infrastructure is the basis of everything for an economy to thrive and that there are key sectors needing investments in the developing world, the Senegal Chamber is now going out more actively into the country to look for those U.S. companies that have innovative solutions/technologies and are looking for business opportunities overseas while also having impact on local communities in Georgia and abroad. Our goal is to develop more of Senegal’s economy to foreign investments, generate jobs as well as close gaps in equality for women and can offer strategies for expansion to U.S. companies and investors.

Starting in the first quarter of 2023, the chamber plans to focus on events and initiatives that advance business development and engagement opportunities for the Senegalese business community. 


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