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International Diaspora Day at the Georgia State Capitol

International Diaspora Day at the Georgia State Capitol hosted by Senator Donzella James was a beautiful networking and empowerment day. We are grateful to Senator James for having this initiative which brought together the Consular officials from different foreign governments, U.S. House of Representatives members, and other key stakeholders.
The Senegal Chamber of Commerce attended the event to represent the Senegalese Community of Atlanta. Our team can be reached to meet your needs and business goals. They will guide you through the process, whether you are trying to promote products or services in the Senegal and/or Francophone West Africa markets as a local business, organization, the people of the diaspora, Senegalese people, American and foreign companies, the Senegal Chamber enables trade links through lowering trade costs between Atlanta and World markets by helping businesses and entrepreneurs with challenging and overcoming trade barriers.
The Senegal Chamber provide business consultancy in international trade, tourism and hospitality and other major industries providing the following services: 
  • Business Development Strategy
  • U.S. Market Entry and Expansion Strategy
  • Import & Export Strategy and Support 
  • Research, Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies  
  • International Trade Facilitation
  • Organize Trade Fairs & Industry Events
  • Trade Missions & Investment Trips 
  • Multilingual Business Interpretation & Translation 
As a facilitator, the Senegal Chamber is here to help you plan and complete complex business projects in which you need to navigate through legal and cultural challenges. Our team includes professionals who have been helping businesses, organizations, industries, and societies make a difference with great results. 
Learn more about the Senegal Chamber here:

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