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Senegal Chamber connects with the Business Community in Paris

The Senegal Chamber delegates were recently in France on a mission to work towards social and environmental impact through projects. The mission was designed to leverage our work in community and take advantage of the opportunity to get input from the non-profit sector and business owners who have an interest in participating in projects aimed at improving conditions in neighborhoods.  To this end, the Senegal Chamber will partner with Coup de Pouce 77, a French humanitarian association dedicated to feeding families.


Through collaboration with Coup de Pouce, we are helping struggling community members with basic needs like nutrition, hospital beds and mattrasses. Driven by our commitment to inspire more people to join this project, our aim is to bring together volunteers wishing to support humanitarian action.  


We are hoping to have some great conversations about feeding families to let people know what we do so if you are a business owner or have a business connection and you'd like to know how to support us please get in touch with us we'd love to chat to you as well and the e-mail address is

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