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Meet the President

Christophe Barrieres

Christophe Barrieres is dedicated to fostering the growth of your organization as it seeks to do business with Senegal, the United States and across the Atlantic. Serving as the President of the Senegal Chamber of Commerce, Chris actively facilitates connections between the Atlanta business community and lucrative import/export and investment prospects via the Senegal Chamber's expansive platform and network.

His unwavering commitment lies in establishing meaningful personal and professional relationships that pave the way for valuable business opportunities, aligning with the Senegal Chamber's daily pursuit of creating connections. This shared mission centers on reducing trading costs between Atlanta, the broader United States, Senegal, and the global market, emphasizing the belief that by aiding entrepreneurs in overcoming trade barriers, this objective can be successfully realized.


Through his focus on increasing trade between Senegal and the world, Chris set the strategic direction of the organization and right priorities for Senegalese businesses, proactively targeting 4 Investments Priority Areas within Senegal, which impact our economy: phosphate mining, fertilizer production, agricultural commodities/agritourism and commercial fishing. Our goal is to develop more of Senegal’s economy to foreign investments, generate jobs as well as close gaps in equality for women and can offer strategies for expansion to U.S. companies and investors.